Growing Robin who?

Robin M Koppensteiner is an eco-artist, currently stationary in Vienna, Austria.

Robin harbours deep Biophilia – the love for the alive – and cares a lot about connection with the rest of nature.

I stand here on a grain of dust in the universe. And yet, I am having this rich experience of love, grief, fear and joy before my body dissolves back into the universe. Life is a miracle.

Growing Robin

His main skills encompass graphic design, photo manipulation, painted art, videography, marketing, as well as knowledge about the principles, functions and interconnectedness of ecosystems.

Ha has also written books and essays and currently acts small characters at Volksoper Wien, the second biggest opera stage of Vienna.

In the past Robin has always struggled with his incapability to specialise in one particular field. Today he understands that his multi-passionate character is in fact what makes him a valuable part of society.

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