Of evil gods and fearful monkeys

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Attention. Shortly after writing this little meditation I had to learn in a rather painful way that its contents can be very disturbing. The awareness of the pattern I’m talking about is a tool that can be used to make the life of all better. It can also be used to make the reader’s life very dark. The reader makes the decision. I want to add upfront: There is a resolution to the pattern. I didn’t write about it directly in order to let the reader think for themself. The resolution is, however, scattered all over the text. I also offer you to email me and ask me any questions personally. More about that later.
Continue reading at your own risk.

The police sirens cut the quiet all night. Around midnight the rattling of a helicopter started supporting them. But these were not the only things hat kept the people of Vienna awake in the night of November 2nd 2020.

At about 8»15 at least one man opened fire at civilians in the inner city. Police arrived in an instance. Three people dead. Several heavily injured. The deed is considered islamic extremism.

Vienna doesn’t really know this kind of incidents. Even though right wing politicians constantly talk about them: Terror attacks barely ever happen.

All the bigger was the effect of this one deed.
The day before all of Vienna was outraged about the new covid-19 lockdown. The following day most were happy to stay home more now.

What leads people to brutal deeds like this one? Why do people kill?
Are they just evil people? Monsters?

The monsters

202 is probably going to go down in history. Covid-19 has changed the world and continues to do so.

In the beginning many still rolled their eyes when the media started talking about a virus. Just fear-mongering. Just like the mad cow disease, bird flu, and goat cough, too.

Then, government announced the first quarantine. The first people started raiding the super markets. If this was just fear-mongering, it was starting to work. Social* Media kept providing photos of empty market shelves. The more people saw these pictures the more ran to equip themselves with food, toilet paper and hand sanitiser.

Images of Italiens singing from their balconies in solidarity inspired us. However, in Vienna we had to understand soon, that ghetto blasters were better received. One talented singer got famous due to the traditional reaction of a neighbour with her Viennese dialect: “Quiet! That’s not as beautiful as you think!”

Despite the frustrated mood people cooperated after all. Compassion and unity was the message that floated all around.
We experienced history. A war that was fought on the battlefield of your own couch. Painful but a comparably good deal.

Still, the Viennese were relieved to finally meet other people again after it all seemed over. Rightfully so. Homo sapiens is a very social creature. We need other people and life forms to be happy.

Slowly frustration started to creep up on us on the streets, though, as masks made life uncomfortable and people didn’t seem to care about the required distance anymore.

On October 31st, the government announced the next lockdown. Suddenly the mood of the people was very different. The measures were faulty, they claimed. Politics seriously asked people to sue their neighbours if they didn’t obey the rules. The word ‘dramatic’ carried the entire press conference. Also, the coalition didn’t seem to be on the same page anymore with their message.

More and more people publicly proclaimed they were not willing to bow to these rules. The internet drowned in frustration, anger and mean jokes about the chancellor’s ears.

The monsters didn’t want to be locked away anymore.
And definitely not by the monsters.

Of evil gods

Homo sapiens is a remarkable species. It’s one of the few that learned to travel on two feet, and eventually on wheels and through the air. It’s the only one that captured fire and tamed it. It built cathedrals for their religions: Gods and capital.

In order to make the building of the cathedrals easier it created creatures in its own image: machines, robots, computers and the artificial energy, money. These creations were then sent out by the Homo sapiens. In its name they would collect knowledge and ressources.
In its name they would capture and tame the next fire.

The creation became the creator.

And as would be expected, like real gods, the Homo sapiens would live in unbound wealth. Reigning over the species below it.
In the past it was magic and the wrath of other divinities that decimated harvest. Now it was the Homo sapiens that changed the weather.
Just like the other gods, Homo sapiens, too, moved in mysterious ways.

The list of endangered species has never been so short as it is today. That’s because the raging gods have eradicated most of them already.

With the help of their creation, the gods made planet Earth their oyster. They conjured up storms and floods. Desertification and locust swarms. They raised the black, liquified dead from the depths and turned them into the death of the living.

The gods had turned evil.

Of fearful monkeys

Homo sapiens had to realise rather soon, its work didn’t come without problems.

The gods had not reached immortality, yet.

It was the last hurdle Homo sapiens had to overcome to seal its domination over nature. Yes, over life itself.

Death is the one riddle Homo sapiens could never solve. Many stories were spun around it: Of heaven and hell, reincarnation and nothingness.
However, no story could take from Homo sapiens what death brought to their lives: Fear.

Yes. The evil gods were fearful of their mortality.

Because mortality was something they didn’t like confronting:
The gods were no gods.

Out of the billions of years of evolution of planet earth – within the last 300 thousand years, a blink of an eye – rose a monkey. An ape.

The ape freed its hands and captured fire.
It found resources and learned to process them.
It told stories to its companions. About gods and money.
About rights, economy and science.
All, only to escape its formidable death.

In the everlasting fight against its greatest fear, it didn’t only destroy the habitat of its fellow species, but also its own.
In fear of death it killed.
In fear of death it killed itself.

The monkey – the ape fell victim to its fear.

From the large to the small

Fear has always played a big role for us humans.
Today, that’s more true than ever.

And this detail brings us full circle back to terror attacks, quarantine and chancellor-ear-jokes.

Can that be true? Are we more fearful than ever?
In fact, humanity has never lived in so much wealth.
Never before haver there been such few wars. Never before have there been such few hungry. Never before died such few people of illness.

And yet:
Never before have human bodies and minds and psyche been so weak. Never before have so many people died of obesity. Never before was war so invisible. And never before have humans lived more for digits.

Fear plays a huge role in this.

Fears can be broken down like mathematical equations. Every human is a little different. However, in the end, the equation always reaches the same result.

Gyms quiet fear:
Fear of not being loved.
Fear of not being enough.
Fear of death.

Religions quiet fear:
Fear of not being loved.
Fear of not being enough.
Fear of death.

Addictions quiet fear:
Fear of not being loved.
Fear of not being enough.
Fear of death.

Wars quiet fear:
Fear of not being loved.
Fear of not being enough.
Fear of death.

Gluttony quiets fear:
Fear of not being loved.
Fear of not being enough.
Fear of death.

Our fears follow us everywhere. At any point in time. Nobody can hide from them.
And fears have a quality that gives them more power than we already examined: We hate looking at them. That can be seen reflected in society:
Be a man!
Stop being so whimpy!
Grownups don’t cry!
Only show your strengths. And if anyone asks you about your weaknesses, use rosy slang:
“I am too much of a perfectionist.” = “I am in fear of not being enough.”

Being is so much fear over our fears comes at a price.

Because fear, too, spreads like a virus. And currently we are living in a pandemic.

More ‘Social Media’ and the photos on it let us feel more alone than ever. Longing for a partner till death parts us and the necessary dream body, that needs to be eked out in the fastest, most unsustainable and most unhealthy ways.

More religions: including science, economy and political fan clubs that don’t want to listen to each other any longer.

More addictions to drugs, fat, sugar, coffee, smartphones, alcohol, than ever before.

More invisible, and all the more damaging wars between groups of people, that are being pushed apart more and more by the fear guiding those in power.

More mindless shopping, more gorging, more technology, more storage, more cosmetics, more cars, more status symbols, more money Money MONEY, more followers, more likes, more productivity, more work, more suffering. Suffering at the expense of humans. Suffering at the expense of Earth. Suffering at the expense of life.

A pandemic of fear, in which politicians – actually organisers, not celebrities – lust for our love, our votes. They, too, don’t want to be forgotten. After all, they want to save the world. In the process they forget what successful organisation means: Being a servant of life.

A pandemic, in which humans bark at each other because they either wear a mask or they don’t. Metaphorically as physically. And even if we don’t do it out loud, it’s still happening in our heads. Resulting in anger and even more fear. Because nobody can be trusted. Even the politicians say that now. That’s, after all, why we have these rules. Because nobody wants to look after one-another. Right?

A pandemic of fear in which one specimen suffers so much of mortal fear, they seek protection in the religion that promises them an afterlife.
That can indeed work for some time. The preacher quiets the fear of death. The community quiets the fear of being unloved. And god quiets our fear of not being enough.

But the dirty truth is – just as it is with money:
Stories quiet the fear. But stories don’t erase fear.

And so it happened, that a fearful Homo sapiens followed the rabbit-hole of the only story that could quiet their fear of death at least a little bit: Allah.

Their fear – or, according to the believers, god himself – led them to others of his kind, also tormented by the same fear. Together they began to take a new spin on the old story. Now, death wouldn’t only be defeated by being a believer. Now, one defeated death even better if they punished the non-believers.
With the god’s hands.

And with god’s hands they spread even more fear.

This pattern cannot only be found in theistic religions.
This pattern can be found in our politics.
This pattern can be found in our economy.
This pattern can be found in our additions.
This pattern can be found in small interactions in the streets.
This pattern can be found in our circles of friends and enemies.

This pattern can be found in our entire society.
Over and over again.

The more fearful an organism, the more brutal it becomes, the more fear it creates.
From the large to the small.

Taming the monster

We will probably never be without fear.
And in some cases that makes a lot of sense.
Whenever a Homo sapiens was confronted with a sabretooth tiger, fear was very appropriate.
Whenever a Homo sapiens is confronted with open gunfire in a street, fear in that moment is also very appropriate.

However, we, as a society have made it to a point where we are scared of each other.
Without even realising, we are acting out of fear.

Out of fear of not being loved, I harm people who, in turn, get the feeling they aren’t being loved: Fear.

Out of fear of not being enough, I harm people who, in turn, get the feeling they aren’t enough: Fear.

Out of fear of death, I harm people who, in turn, get the feeling they could die soon: Fear.

Our tiny acts of fear spread even more fear and destruction, just like terror attacks. That can go so far, that somebody who finally confronts these fears, now starts fearing the fear of others. Which, of course, just keeps turning the wheel.

So, what is the answer?

Killing the monster speaks against all laws of Nature.
Without Shadow there’s no light.

It’s our task to tame the monster.

But this we can only accomplish if we stare the monster cold in the eyes. If we turn its biggest strength into its biggest weakness.

The answer, as so often, can be found in the eye of the monster.

You can find the answers that can heal the suffering of humanity, the planet, maybe even the universe, scattered all over this text.
They are in plain sight.

You carry the answers with you, every day. And yet, they are just as disguised as the monster itself.

But you will have to find them yourself.

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