#myGreenestCity #WienKannAnders

It’s been only a few months since my attention was brought to a very unpleasant realisation about the city I grew up in.

I always said Vienna was a beautiful city. And in some corners it truly is. There’s no denying. However, as soon as you leave the city center (or any of the luxury areas), you tend to find yourself in a collection of concrete canyons: Life is clearly not encouraged in these streets. Be it by the people who live here or any other species.

Realising this gave me a big shock to my system. I had lived in streets and houses like these, yet, I never saw, how dull they are!

Ironically, Vienna was chosen as ‘Greenest City 2020’.
And when it comes to public transport, garbage disposal, energy and the likes, this might be accurate. However, if you look at the actual state our streets are in, this title almost sounds like mockery.

So, instead of just complaining about it, I decided to show people, how life in these streets could look like with just a little effort. The basics don’t even require too big an investment: bushy window greenery and climbing plants don’t cost very much.

Collaboration with architekt DI Kurt Loichtl

As luck has it, I was contacted by an architect office, specialising in green architecture, who wanted me to green their designs. This continues to be ongoing work and I am happy to support anybody who wants to make our cities more inclusive to other species!

The following image is an outcome of this collaboration:

Got ideas?

Again: I am happy about any sort of collaboration that leads to cities that represent highly biodiverse ecosystems.

In order to bring better life quality to the people we have to build our cities for more than just one species. After all, we evolved out of meadows and forests!

We are nature. There shouldn’t be any differenciation.

I have not studies ecology at university, but I have collected quite a bit of knowledge about the principles, structures and functions of ecosystems. That means: I am also happy to work hands-on in the design of an ecosystem. In fact, that would make me even more happy than retouching images. Nature has become very important to me and I would love to be an active part of the change.

If you share my view on this, why not send me a message? ?

The Hashtags:

All of that said, I want to highlight, that I don’t do all of this because I don’t like Vienna. In fact, I do all of this because I do care a lot about Vienna and its people.

My work is supposed to open the eyes of one or another person, not to offend.

Therefore I have started using the hashtags
#myGreenestCity (for international use) and
#WienKannAnders (for local Viennese use).

I want to encourage people to not only share the ugly parts of this city, but – even more so – the spots that highlight what Vienna could look like. Art, greenery and good design.

So feel free to add to this gallery!

What’s next?

This is far from over. In fact, I think that I will update this page on a regular basis. There are so many spots in Vienna, where I just have to lower my eyes into the palm of my hand. So much potential and such bad execution (Nobody did this on purpose. But it is there. And it should be changed at any cost.)

If you have something to say, please send me a friendly message and follow me on social media.